i) Goods returned by The Customer, or at his, her or their request on transport other than that owned or in use by The Company shall be at the risk of The Customer in respect of insurance for a value not less than the full invoice price along with any VAT.

ii) Specially ordered goods to The Customers own specification shall only be accepted back by The Company where The Company's own supplier agrees to the return of the goods in turn and all re-stocking charges shall, along with any reasonable charges in respect of packing, despatch or labour shall be borne by The Customer and any credit in respect of such goods shall only be made to The Customer when The Company has received a credit from it's supplier.

iii) Cost of collection and re-delivery of replacement items will be met by The Customer unless attributable to negligence on the part of The Company.

iv) Only goods returned with the consent of The Company and in full saleable condition will be accepted back for credit.

v) The Company reserves the right to impose a re-stocking and handling charge on any goods returned.