20mm Clips White

20mm Clips White
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20mm White Clips - Halogen Free

For mounting with plug DSD or screws.

Halogen Free Explanation :

The safety of people and properties depends on many factors which should be considered already when planning a building. Concerning the safety of buildings electrical appliances are of special interest. When burning, plastics and synthetic materials, which are predominantly found in cables, conduits and trunking systems, can endanger human lives, valueable assets and the affected building considerably. In the event of a fire, those materials containing halogens, like PVC, release corrosive gases. Chlorine, for example, reacts with humidity or water for fire fighting and forms hydrochloric acid which even attacks building stock. Already within the first five minutes the peril of a fire can reach a dramatic degree. Conventinal plastics containing halogens generate 15 times more corrosive gases then systems which are manufactured from halogenfree material. Consequently, with Halogen Free (HFT) products the time period for rescue measures can be extended thus increasing the chances to save human lives.